Classic thrift store find: camp radio



OK, it’s not an antique from the 1940s or 50s, but from our own era: the 80s. I swear I had this exact portable tape deck/radio in junior high, and when I saw it for $4.99 at the local Goodwill, we knew it was just what we need to work on the camp. Especially because it takes batteries or uses A/C power (p.s., power cord was with it!), and we don’t yet have power at camp. So battery power is ideal. The tuner is great and the unit is just about spotlessly perfect, right down to the backside “Tape-Take Along”. Oh yeah!


Super hi-fi.


Having had many mishaps with the whole “you have to hold down play AND record” thing, I recognize the value of this high-end feature.


So that you can have Van Halen’s 1984 and some Def Lep. Sweet!

Cleanup continues

We have spent most of our first 3 weeks of camp ownership cleaning. Mostly large, bulky, weird stuff left behind outdoors or in the cellar (the previous owner actually had cleaned out the living space for the most part). This weekend, despite frigid temperatures, a lot or work got done. Friends took about a half cord of cut, split firewood that had actually been nicely stored under cover. Then, thanks to Freecycle, someone came and took a large load of scrap and miscellaneous lumber, shelves, and other sundry wood. Supposedly he was/is coming back to take another load, which we gleefully tossed down the hill to re-fill the pile for him. We hope to be surprised with a mostly clean garbage pile next time we head out. One irritating find: a couch (yes, whole couch) was hiding under a lot of the crap. One more thing to get rid of…

After cordwood - before scrap load 1

Upper pile – after cordwood & before scrap load 1


Upper pile – after scrap load 1 and re-filling lower pile


Lower pile – before


Lower pile – after scrap load 1.


Lower pile – full again and ready for scrap load 2.


More cleaning today. Much of the snow has melted and we could see the rug that we knew was underneath the badly hacked forsythia. No idea if it’s a decent rug, but we figured we’d let it drip dry and take it to the local rug shop to see if they give it a thumbs up or down.

However, it was pretty frozen into a giant roll, so we are letting it thaw in the (limited) sun in the yard so we can eventually unroll it.


Interior: before

We often have found that we forget to get good ‘before’ shots, so we took a nice panorama of the great room (future living, dining, kitchen. Missed the front door (south wall). This starts by walking in the door and looking left (west) then going clockwise.


Later, we’ll charm you with before photos of the ‘bathroom’.

First task list

Job 1: Make puppy comfortable.

Settled in with a new chewy.

Settled in with a new chewy.

Job 2: Open up the bedroom wall! There was clearly a double door here before; the previous owner closed it and moved it to the far end. Opening up this wall moves light through the whole cabin, front to back. Ahhh!

As purchased - bookshelves (of a sort) cover the old door opening.

As purchased – bookshelves (of a sort) cover the old door opening.

Opened up! View through to birch and granite back yard.

Opened up! View through to birch and granite back yard.