You light up my life

It is Valentine’s Day, after all.

When we inspected the cabin before buying it, we found out that those two logs that are falling off under the porch, kind of on the left in the photo:


It’s not rot. No sir. That would be a couple of logs that were charred when there was too much electrical load to one of the wires. Someone cleverly (ha!) painted over the charred parts of the logs and covered them up with plastic inside. We found it anyways, O hider of past electrical sins. The electric company came out & happily disconnected our service once we let them know what was up (and after charging an $18 fee for setting up an account, plus 1 day of power!)

So we have been saving up and selling various items on the InterWeb with a goal of making enough dough by our next vacation (in a couple of weeks) so we can go down and re-wire the place. One most excellent sale was a set of 1893 encyclopedias found in the cabin (made enough on that to buy a new main panel). We made it to our target funding amount (woo hoo!), and tonight’s Valentine’s day date with my chief electrician is a shopping trip to buy the new panel, breakers, wire, and other electrical supplies so we can get going and get some power in the place. Because not having a vacuum, heat, or a coffee maker is a serious issue. Oh, and power tools and lights, those would be nice too.

And we’re buried

In case you didn’t hear, there was a giant snowstorm this week. We didn’t get the worst of it, but there was 18″ to shovel. Now we have to shovel two houses, by the way. After shoveling, we hiked around (OK, post-holed), took lots of photos, re-organized the porch, played with the dog, and had a bit of a disco on the front porch (oldies station was rockin’ it with KC & The Sunshine Band).


Shoveling. Lots of stairs. And driveway. Totally worth it.

Apparently original shutters. One pair is on the house and there were three more pair in the cellar. Score!

Apparently original shutters. One pair is on the house and there were three more pair in the cellar. Score!


Gorgeous fresh snow; one of the many beech trees.


West side rock is so big, you can’t see the house when you drive up. From the back, rocks and house blend together in the deep snow.


With the excellent light today, it was as good a time as any to document the “before” condition of the back of the cabin. Windows were boarded up instead of replacing a couple of broken panes. We’ll be fixing that asap.

Found it!

That would be the ground. We’ve been getting to the bottom of the “Big Pile” for several weeks. Last weekend we found a couch under a bunch of scrap wood. This week, we were pleased to discover that said couch essentially disintegrated as we pulled it out of its grave – so much so that it actually fit in trash bags. Pretty spiffy when you can dispose of a couch in trash bags!


The fabric that once upholstered said couch was pretty sweet. Here’s a memorial photo:
And now, it is down to a few last doozies. One is the boat – missing its bottom, my challenge is to see if some creative person wants to haul it away free to use as a garden, or kids playground pirate ship, or front lawn religious display. We’ll report on its final disposition once we (hopefully) find it a home.