3 dump runs

Cleaned up - yet again.

Cleaned up – yet again.

Poor chlorotic plants seeing the sun again.

Poor chlorotic plants seeing the sun again.

How did 2,540 pounds of shingles fit in this tiny space? So glad to kiss them goodbye today. Stay tuned for round 2.

We love Grace!

We are replacing the roof. Wow. This is a biggie. K has roofed a lot before, but I’m a newbie. And, he hasn’t done a metal roof before. It started with a bang this week, with very long days of tear-off and racing to get the Grace Ice & Water Shield and our tarps back on before it rained yesterday. One side is now torn off, Graced, and the roofing has been ordered for the whole roof! The clock is ticking…before the roofing comes in, we need to finish tear-off, clean everything up, finish Grace, put down foam insulation, and strap the roof. THEN add new roof. After week 1, we are hot, tired, bumped, and bruised (and I got a weird splinter that needed prescription antibiotic!). But, we are off for the weekend on a mini-vacation to recharge. Back at it Monday…

Getting to the bottom of things? Finally?

It has been just plain gross. Way too hot, and we have been doing really filthy work. We *hope* we are finally getting to the end of the demolition part. We are really close to having a nice log cabin shell to work with. We’ve been pretty much doing demo and laundry all week. Tomorrow is the town’s annual big cleanup day, so we can get rid of a bunch of this garbage and move on to actually building.

1, 2, 3, 4

We declare chimney war.

Don’t think captions are necessary, and am too tired to write them. Long day, ending with no gross old brick chimney in the cabin. More light! More square feet. Less filth.

IMG_4268 IMG_4272 IMG_4276 IMG_4278 IMG_4280 IMG_4285 IMG_4286 IMG_4288 IMG_4289 IMG_4291 IMG_4295

Pit of Despair…no longer

Wow, it has been a long week. But – we are where we wanted to be – we have a level, solid dining room floor! Almost. Still need sub-floor, and flooring – but that’s the easy part! Check out the progress.

Hot blocks

This week has been nearly 90 degrees every day. Too hot to do much, but we’ve been doing a bit of concrete & block work interspersed with drinking lots of water and taking a swim every once in a while. Frankie cools off with a block of ice…


But today we took the horizontal jacks off the old wall (and nothing fell down or on top of us!), and added the new course of block along the main section of wall. Tomorrow we’ll block in an old, not very useful window. Progress.


Hanging on by a thread

A few updated photos from the next phase.

Lifted and suspended

On time, on budget – we can’t ask for much more. There’s a little bit more work to do to hold the house, but it’s our turn to repair the structure so there’s something to lift on. The naughty corner is essentially hanging by the roof right now (and the roof is now buttressed up). We began working on the sub-structure today.