Loose ends and tight beams

We were on a bit of a hiatus, given back-to-work schedules and I just had to take a terrible business trip last weekend. It was just awful – in Yosemite Valley (kidding – what a gorgeous place! Some of the rocks *might* have been a bit bigger than those at the cabin).

Today we were back at it – put in two basement windows we had re-glazed (the third needs more surgery – a rotten part fell off even after epoxying – too much rot). We also picked up our rather large metal pile, stripped the last few old pipes out of the basement, and pulled off the bathroom sink.

And K put up temporary rafter ties, to keep things steady until we put in some framing, posts, and permanent ties. We are definitely in “get set for winter” mode, all of a sudden. Yikes!


The big orange store is hereby forgiven. It was so nice to get proper follow-up from customer service after you write an old-fashioned (extremely grouchy) letter. Still, we’ve definitely fallen in love with our two local lumber/building supply stores and prefer to shop local anyways. Nothing like going where everybody knows your name.

Not about the roof

Yeah, so we did other stuff a little bit this weekend. Part of it was getting back into the groove of our dayjobs. But we couldn’t resist a little cleaning and mini-project or two at camp. We HAD to go check on the roof anyways, to make sure it still didn’t leak.

From the top

Before and after shots of the rock side of the roof, from our giant boulder (Frankie’s first big rock climb too!). The before shots were from when we were thinking about buying the cabin. Is anyone wondering, “What were they thinking?”.

We had a heck of a rain/thunderstorm last night, and when we went to check today, NO LEAKS. Project officially done & a success. Now we take a break!

Slip me a roofie

We are done. No one fell off the roof. It was slippery, so K roped up today – luckily we’ve both done a good bit of rock climbing. The last 7 pieces went on! Just a couple of clean-up jobs then on to what’s next, whatever that will be (have not yet gotten that far…).