Floors, floors, and more floors

You would think we would be getting a little further, given that we’ve spent time working on the cabin nearly every day during vacation. But, we keep finding more rot and floor sections to repair. We think we got the rest of it done today. Now, we just need to put down subfloor everywhere, and we’ll be able to walk around without ending up falling through to the basement!

Addendum – we found what Kaul Kind is:


Baby, it’s cold outside

But our options this week were to go work on the cabin today, in the freezing cold (zero degrees F), or go tomorrow in a giant snowstorm when it’s still going to be below freezing. So we went today – it was lovely and sunny, and the cabin heated up quickly enough. We also each had about five layers of expedition weight clothing on, so it was quite comfortable.

Our goal was to finish all of the structural work in the bathroom-kitchen area, and put down the sub-sub-floor in the bathroom. Done. (We are filling in where there were missing or rotten old subfloor boards, then have to sheath with plywood anyways to lay vinyl tile. This gets the thickness right and gives us a good surface for tile. So the sub-sub-floor is really like a giant shim, of you will. Meaning, don’t judge us because it’s ugly.)

Maybe we’re done re-framing floors?

OK, so we probably will have a little more to do, but we are done in the bathroom area. There were some serious rot problems from the insane water heater setup (perched on a pile of dishpans on a plastic stool) and the old, presumably leaky tub. And plumbing sin #1 – cutting through a joist. Soon we can put down subfloor.