Oh, tarballs.

We have been working toward getting the roof insulated. We’re going to go with spray foam – nothing else makes sense – so while we finish saving up cash and getting quotes, we are doing all the prep we can to make it effective and simple.

Our leading choice for contractor suggested that we remove some of the vestigial roof that was left inside the kitchen and dining room when (we think) a porch was enclosed very early in the house’s history. There were roof sheathing boards and shingles hidden up there when we first started demo! And a mouse thought it was a fine place to live (ew). We figured we would leave it and fill it with foam, but the contractor thinks we’ll have a better ‘envelope’ if we pull most of it out. So, we did.

It was gross and we’re glad the shingles are gone, though the deja vu of roof tearoff – INSIDE the house – was really demoralizing. Plus, those tiny little tarballs get absolutely everywhere in the house and on your person, especially working overhead. The shower at the end of the day was most welcome.