Windows 4.0

What better thing to do on a rainy fall day (when you planned on a quick canoe trip, but the weather won’t cooperate) than take out some more windows for restoration? Each window in the front of the house is now in a different state of repair. Hopefully in a few weeks, we’ll get them all caught up and might have a house that looks like it matches. Wouldn’t that be tremendous…?


Foamed in – front window by the door. Hopefully it won’t expand too much more!


We got this one in plumb and level – only had to take a chainsaw to the log next to it! It had been installed in a pretty crooked way…


Luckily, we leveled this frame a while ago, when we took that wall out. So, we just had to remove the sashes to take back to the house for re-glazing and prep.

Matching stain; mis-matched door

This week, not much progress, but some. Work has been non-stop in the office! Soon, we’ll have a better schedule and actually get weekends off again. K finished the last coat of stain. We are down to just needing a day for touch-up. We are so thrilled – this was our big goal for the year, and we’re there. Phew!


Second, we had another fruitful trip to the ReStore, in which we found a brand-new, store-display door. It has all the types of glass that Jeld-Wen offers, all in one convenient door! It happens to be quirky-cute, and it’s now planned to be our closet door. At $25, the price was right, as well. I mean, it’s solid wood – how can we go wrong?


Nearly finished and just starting

K worked on staining the very last wall now that we got our last shipment of caulk (exterior, anyways) and it has had time to cure. Only one more coat is needed on this wall, then we are into the touch-up phase! We are so thrilled to be done with this tedious(and fairly expensive!), yet very rewarding part.


The last wall.

While we are back at work full-time, an ongoing project will be to restore the windows, one at a time, and replace a couple that are non-functional. Plus, we are experimenting with trim and sash colors. I think this combo is a winner:


Nighttime paint experiment…


And in the daytime.


And with the natural-wood door. I think it works!

Switching gears

Some photos of our busy week, last week off (ish, we mostly had to go to our respective offices) for a while! Since we finished the caulking and 95% of the staining, we did some OTHER THINGS. Yes, there are other things to do in the world! Here’s the run-down:


See? We really are done caulking. Just one tiny wall to stain. Next weekend, for absolutely certain.


In fact, we are so done that I threw away my beloved caulk-supplies caddy, made back in June or July from a box and a bungee cord for a handle. It carried my paper towels, tubs of water, nails for poking holes in the caulk tubes, and brushes/scrapers for two months. Now it is a sticky mess in the trash can.


And this was that last wall to caulk. Yahoo!


Here’s the pile of loft flooring we nabbed at a local – hmm, I would call it a junk shop, despite what the owner thinks. Never used, 2×6 T&G. Perfection! Needs cleanup and we’ll install sometime this fall or winter.


Our new (old stock) loft flooring. Mostly cedar, according to the stamp on some pieces.


On a whim, K decided we should stop at the ReStore. I’ve been hunting on craigslist and elsewhere for windows for the few spots where we really need to replace dysfunctional ones. This one is an Andersen, has integrated storms, and was $20! Even better, we can easily fit in where the three bad windows currently sit (just behind it in the photo). Another fall project…


We even toyed with ideas for paint color. Got a favorite? We do. Feel free to chime in. Care (blog reader and BFF) cemented the choice by choosing the same one as me.


And we got little test samples of pain colors. This is the jamb (and major trim) color, one coat. Needs time, another coat, and some thinking. But I love it so far!


From inside. We wanted a bright color to give us that “solar tube” effect that’s important in dark spaces.


Outside again, I framed this photo to be sure we like the color with the natural wood door. This passes my test. We are working on a window for this jamb and hopefully can get it installed next weekend too. (?)