Primed & ready

We had a couple of stupefyingly busy weeks at work, so have not managed much cabin work, but we did sneak in a couple of hours of painting after some big deadlines came and went. K sanded and primed the upper trim and fascia, and what a difference just the primer makes!

Then, it quit raining this afternoon (our first day off in quite a while), so we managed to get some color on the fascia/eaves and even got a window installed. I love the colors so far, but we are waiting to get closer to completion for a final thumbs up.


Last weekend – primed a window jamb.


Primer and some paint on the eave & fascia.


The sun came out! Frankie took advantage of it with an afternoon nap.


Fall color is quite complementary to our chosen palette.


First coat of both proposed trim colors.


Bright, yet calm. (I think?)


And a window! No more stapled-up plastic in this location.


We’re still working through our collection of these beautiful latches. And looking for more of them…

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