Out-of-town architecture

I was on a business trip in the Midwest last week, and K joined me for the following weekend in Chicago, to visit a friend and see the city as my birthday celebration. Our top priority was to go tour the Robie House, having been to other Frank Lloyd Wright homes elsewhere. Unlike Taliesin and Taliesin West, Robie was very composed and not so experimental-feeling. It was definitely a very high-level incarnation of his design, and it was AWESOME. We loved it.

IMG_1683 IMG_1692 IMG_1682 gate

We also walked up to Millennium Park (a couple of times!) and I was fascinated by The Bean. I have way too many photos of this sculpture. Trying to figure out how to make our own, and wedge it in among the granite boulders at the cabin.


This is the Sears Tower, through an arch of a Calder sculpture.


And this is the Library – it melds in perfectly with the older and newer architecture surrounding it. Actually, the entire city of Chicago was a great example of new styles can mix with old, very successfully.


There were so many, so many stone and bronze and brass carvings and ornamentation. Loved this one.

And we visited the Field Museum, where among the exhibits (like the most complete T-Rex skeleton), there were great bits of design as well. I liked these hanging (huge) cloth-type chandeliers. I think they would be neat hanging from the trees at a backyard party.


Heading back to the cabin this weekend. Two windows are ready to go in, the area below. See Frank Lloyd Wright, we have intersecting rooflines and deep overhangs as well!


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