We spent Thanksgiving at the cabin last year, pulling out the old loft (then stayed at the fancy Inn up the road to celebrate). This year, we spent the day before Turkey Day at the cabin, and we’re off to visit family today. So, a post in case they want the most up-to-date photos.

We are still in the midst of Windowfest 2014.┬áBut we’ve done a lot over the last week. Here’s the rundown:

We have three more of those cute Marvins to install – hopefully this weekend while we have a little time off. And two more original windows are hanging out in our basement to be restored. We see the finish line on the window project. Hopefully we’ll get them done before New Year’s.

Amazing technicolor dreamcoat

Nothing like a cloudy day with snow on the ground to bring out the colors in everything. Today we had a third attempt to sample a lake (for work) near the cabin. The normal trail is abnormally flooded and very impassible. We tried a couple of new roads/trails in, ending with no success. We will try again next weekend. However, the hike did take us through a lovely area with many other examples of the historic cabins in the Village.

We ended the day with a workday, putting in another restored window, taking one out, and caulking almost the entire remainder of the bathroom. One more caulking expedition and we will have that room done!



Got back from our trip, and got going on finishing up the windows that were ready to install just as we left. And then…we got a huge snowstorm. Like a foot, on the 2nd of November. In case you haven’t heard about it. So that slowed everything down a bit. But it was pretty, and nothing fell on the cabin nor on our house, which was lucky. And the snow has now melted already.

So, given the end of daylight saving time combined with cold temperatures, we are running out to the cabin every spare hour we can grab to do temperature-sensitive things. For example, we are continuing to caulk the interior logs. And man, is it quicker when you have a flat floor to stand on, rather than doing ladder acrobatics with a 30-oz caulk gun in one hand! The bathroom is nearly done – we are waiting for a new shipment of caulk (and a warm day), and we’ll be done.

Of course, we started another window too. There’s one more “living room” window to finish up, and it’s now here in our main house to work on when we have time off and it’s too cold for cabin.