T minus one week

Next Monday (gasp!) the floor refinishing crew is coming to re-lay our salvaged flooring where we had to pull it, and then refinish the entire cabin floor. So, we are still working toward that deadline to finish all large, messy, and major jobs. Today we cut out the last old window we’ll be replacing. Sadly, we couldn’t install the new one yet (we are waiting for a part to arrive – this week!), but we re-framed the opening with new logs so it should be a quick install when those clips arrive. We also brought all the salvaged wood up from the storage tent. Next weekend, we’ll stack it nicely, and finish cleanup – then floors!!!

The week in pictures

We are on spring break, and working against a deadline: we just sent in a deposit to get our cabin’s floors patched & re-finished. So, everything that needs to be done prior to floors is suddenly a giant priority. And, we got almost all of it done on our break week, even with still having lots of catch-up to do for regular work (because, we rarely get an actual ‘vacation’ – we are usually needing to keep up with work no matter what). Here’s what was accomplished, in large part thanks to a lucky posting of windows that fit, and an unplanned field trip to pick them up at a local building supplier with an excellent bargain bin.


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Spring break…more bricks?

We have a few days off this week (well, parts of days) and we are officially on deadline. We just signed a contract to have the floors re-finished, so we absolutely must get the subfloor done. This means getting to two jobs we’ve been avoiding: finally dealing with the former hearth, and getting a post erected to carry our new beam, instead of the makeshift 4×4. We planned to go pick out a new log from our log guy, but he emailed and said we could stop by tomorrow, but his log piles are under 3-4 feet of packed snow! Instead, we dug out our log pile (only a couple feet of snow) and found one that will work. Originally we vetoed it because it had so many branches, but after I cleaned them up, it looked really good.

Both items are done, after really only a day of work! Now on to laying the actual subfloor – that might be more of a challenge, given the patchiness everywhere…

Winter blues

Still snowy, and the cold has only let up a little. I’m off for a work trip tomorrow. Flight is already cancelled, so I’m on a later one, and have a little time now to update this blog. Finally. However, there’s not too much to report. A few developments…we have been out to shovel, have been chipping away at our French Doors project, and have gotten ready to finish walls and subfloor next week, when we finally have some time off together. Hopefully it will start to feel springier by then…