Game on!

Yeah, so, we put our other house on the market last week, and it’s under contract! Which means, it’s time to get this little cabin done. Now that the other house is ship-shape, we are back to it. Some progress last week, among the chaos and before I had to head out for a work trip. The floor is FINALLY properly refinished (by a consummate professional, RG – thank you, sir!). Which means: everything else is suddenly a go. The toilet is ordered and we hope to have it working next week! Here’s the new progress:

{Cue Intermission music}

We are on hiatus because we are listing our other house for sale. This is the last piece of the puzzle. Once sold, we can move in to the cabin, finish all the work, and live the dream. However, we have been working on that house pretty much non-stop to get it prepped for sale. Note to self: don’t work on two houses at once ever again! But really, it’s been fun…sort of. This weekend: back to the cabin.

Diggin’ and caulkin’

Yup, that’s pretty much it right now. K’s friend L arrived a bit more than a week ago for an annual guys’ weekend, during which they take turns helping each other do big projects. This year, we were the beneficiaries, with work beginning on our basement drainage issue, and building a small mechanical room in the basement (which is more accurately called a crawl space). Being a crawl space, we are eternally grateful to L (and friend P, who helped one of the days), for opting to spend time bent over in a crummy, dirty hole all weekend.

Here’s what they did:

My job has been to keep caulking the interior logs. Pretty much non-stop. And a couple of exterior ones as well, where we added windows. The bugs are fierce this year! Glad to be mostly indoors.

We also got a sign in the mail that uses the name for the large boulder (Cliff Rock) and the original owner’s name and year it was built. An Etsy artist customized it for us & it’s lovely.

And this weekend, K picked up the cellar room again and got a lot done! Soon – a floor and walls. Then (gasp!) water might be connected soon!