First water, then fire

We think this is a good order of operations. Now that we have running water, all attention turned to keeping this little shack warm. Because our house hasn’t sold yet, we were a bit short on the liquid assets, but found a fantastic energy loan program through Efficiency Maine that has provided the funds we needed to get the final round of spray foam insulation done (in the basement) and to purchase a super-efficient, quite lovely Italian pellet stove (the Piazzetta Monia). Just in the nick of time, too! It has almost dipped to freezing a few of the past nights.

Of course, it required a custom install – not much these days is made for log homes. We used some salvaged flooring to create a scribed frame for the wall thimble, and I think it came out nicely.

With the spray foam installed yesterday, however, I’m unable to enjoy the stove today – we can’t get the house to cool off enough to fire the stove (grin). It has been working great when it has burned so far, though.

Yesterday afternoon, we pulled the well pump – again! – to add a second check valve. We were getting air in the plumbing and getting hissed and spit at in the shower (and sinks) was a bit unpleasant. Seems to be fixed with that valve, now. The good news is, we have gotten very good at working on our well – the whole process barely took an hour. New career? Kidding, kidding.

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