Coming and going

We sold our other house! Ten years of rehabbing an old bungalow (well, the last two years were just tweaks), and now we are officially full-time cabin dwellers. With no mortgages! It was quite a weekend after we realized that second fact.

This morning on the radio (show: “On Being”), an interview with an artist included a lovely quote that seemed perfect for leaving a place, and leaving your mark on it – especially an old house. (The example she gave was worn stair treads). It was something like, “The body, through physical labor, leaves a transparent presence in the material.” That’s a nice thought to leave the other house with.

Our log home is also an old house – only four years younger than the bungalow. Though we extensively remodeled the interior, we did our best to keep the old logs, floors, and windows whenever possible, because they bear that transparent presence of those who have worked here before – and now us. Thus, on Saturday, we spent the day making those 88-year-old windows a bit more weather-resistant. Eventually we will create nice interior storms, but for now, we are using a couple of old exterior ones plus (ugh) some plastic inside. We will get there. Sorry, no photos – it gets dark too early now and I forget until too late.

I do have photos of some new organization under our kitchen cart. We were pretty nervous that moving the rest of our stuff in here would result in a huge pile of clutter/chaos. Fortunately, we had a few tricks up our sleeves; one was to repurpose these fantastic vintage baskets that K found (and then we had sandblasted and he clearcoated) to organize odd-shaped things in the tiny kitchen. Voila! So French.

We also had to do some hiking for work (yay!), which was a nice chance to stretch.


In just a couple of short days, we will finally have a break! for the holiday. We’ve decided to take it easy for a change, and truly take time off. I’m quite sure we won’t be able to resist some little projects, though…

Packing it up.

It’s been a while since our last post – sorry ’bout that. We were away last weekend at a field course, which made this week’s duties all the more pressing – our other house is finally about to close (sell) and so we are full-bore on getting everything out. Yikes. Much of what was left to do was empty the garage and shed, plus get the rest of the furniture sold or to storage. And sort through some gnarly last stuff. This is the tedious part, but we are almost done!

Also, we had a couple of trees cut this past week, and avoided ending up in this sad state, seenĀ at a nearby (abandoned) cabin.


All this summer, we did not have lobster because we had said, “We’ll have our first lobster of the year when the house sells”. Well, we will indeed have lobster – but it will be for Thanksgiving dinner this year, instead of at a picnic table.

Much to be thankful for this year, especially given what’s going on in the world this weekend. We have appreciated our quiet, safe new home, gorgeous surroundings, and good friends.