A bit cold and boring

It’s finally cold. Like really cold –  the kind of cold you expect in a Maine winter. And we are very pleased to report that nothing froze, broke, or was otherwise damaged. One small exception: a frozen pizza busted open a bag of bagels in the freezer last week, and we found the sad, freezer-burned bagels today. Awww.

The below-zero temps limited our outdoor fun this weekend (though, I did do a small bout of outdoor, frigid jigsawing last night). So we have been working indoors, cleaning, doing small projects, and continuing to push forward on the very satisfying yet very slow and often tedious trim projects. It’s not too exciting to post about – closing in little bits of exposed ugliness – but hey, it’s what we got for you this time.

So here we go:

We filled all the nail holes today. Hopefully this week, I can sand, caulk, and paint trim. And order some new cedar for trim around other areas. And then work on that trim…it never ends.

Go team go!

Super Bowl Sunday! Team Cabin is winning. We’ve been working through our list for this winter, including organizing and building out storage in the final kitchen corner. Essentially, the whole area was a giant junk drawer – and we wanted to live here a while to figure out exactly what we really needed to store here, and how. There were some pretty tricky design constraints – we needed to be able to get to the electrical box very easily, but have cabinet storage too; we needed to be able to open a large, low window; and we are hemmed in by a door and needed clear passage through this main traffic corridor. So we’ve been studying it for a while (using a free roadside cabinet to temporarily hold everything) and came up with this (below).

It’s structurally done, but we are waiting for a drywall guy to come and do the mud & taping. He planned to do the whole drywall job, but had a personal issue and is out of work for a while! Meanwhile, we had ripped apart the heartbeat of our kitchen (ahem, the coffeemaker area)…so we installed the drywall ourselves to get things operational again. Finishing will happen later…