Cedar and sore fingers

We are still finishing trim. Sorry, it will be a while. However, big progress over the past couple of weeks, despite travel for work and other chaos. Given my crazy schedule at work last week, I actually took most of the weekend “off” to work with K on the house.

As per usual, my key task has been caulking. Squeezing a heavy caulk gun all day makes for sore hands, but the log caulk (we are using Conceal in Brown Tone for the interior, in case you’re wondering) comes out best when tooled by hand in many of our interior nooks and crevices. Cramming your fingers awkwardly into log cracks and joints means that you’ll spend the next 48 hours or so cringing as you type (thus, this will be short) from the repeated smashings of fingers. Not many splinters, though – our other house was splinter central with all the fir trim.

We also finished installing drywall and a local guy who only does small jobs came over to mud & tape, not our forte. Almost all of the spray foam is now invisible. A couple more door and window trims to go, and we’ll look like a properly trimmed house.


So much trim

We have been steadily working on adding interior trim throughout the whole house. We’re not done yet – and don’t have photos of much of it – but we are at least halfway done. By the end of next weekend, we hope to be able to cross trim off our list!