Stairway to heaven?

Summer’s here and we have two big projects this year: build a garage, and re-build the porch. The garage is underway, and the porch is now too. Today we chopped off the awful stairs and moved them aside so we can take apart the rest of the structure. Everyone else is banned from the stairs- they’ll be a little dicey for a while (though perfectly stable). The house looks so much better with the ill-conceived stairs peeled off. image



OK, where were we?

Wow, it has been really nuts at work (sorry no posts for a while), but we are starting to see signs of spring, and are almost into our summer break!

Summer break, for us, is of course all about construction. But first — DEstruction! K pulled the logs off the front of the lower section of the porch extension. Great news: the structure is in really good shape, and was built in a way that means this will largely be cosmetic. OK, a little structural, but not to the extent we thought.