Four Sticks

Yes, there is a Zeppelin song for everything. This week: the last of the big beams went in. And we mean big! About 300 pounds, that front main beam. It took a couple extra guys (super huge thanks E & L!), a couple six packs in payment, and some brownies, but it’s all in now. The rim joist is done. Here with joists too.


Then we moved on to the rest of the joists – easy as Custard Pie. This new construction business is super-simple. But the old way is, of course, best. K put the blocking in today, and we are in great shape now.


Up next: some prep, then some posts, then some decking…wow, that’ll be Celebration Day.

Whole lotta junk

We were away for 9 days – in awesome New Mexico! One of our absolute favorite places, besides here.

And now we’re back, and full steam ahead on the Porch Project. It is always a bit scary doing demo, because you realize that you have basically been walking on the structural equivalent of cardboard, resting on rotted-out beams. So all that stuff is gone. A few highlights:

So now we’ve been starting to rebuild! Yahoo! Progress to date includes a lot of bruises, sore backs, cuts and scrapes, and two very tired people (since every little thing means a trip up stairs, through boulders, etc.):


’twas in the darkest depths of mortar…

Figured we’d go with the Zeppelin theme this summer. Lots of work going on, both in the day job and here on the cabin. A few highlights:

We also built a nice block foundation wall under the porch for the work that’s about to take place. So much concrete and mortar! A heavy week.