Then as it was, then again it will be.

Getting to the more obscure Led Zep quotes. This week we have been continuing to chip away at garage construction. Lots has happened, even though it seems slow (to us too). We had to source a few logs, pour piers, and build the carport beams. A friend came over to help with the big lift – thanks, PS! Triple 17′ 2x10s are a bit much for the two of us. Now that all the wall framing was done, we could get going on roof parts, starting with the ridge beam. A 40′ piece was super-fun to manage, but we did it. Today we installed the first few rafters, and can start getting some progress done on the roof now that we’ve got a couple done.


While we were doing log stuff, I found another local source of skinny cedar posts, and we put together a few railing sections for the porch. We wanted to get it done before one of us inevitably fell off! A couple sections to go – ran out of logs, but the farmer who was supplying them is cutting more soon.

railing1 railing2

It’s been disgustingly hot and humid, so we’re happy to have moved forward at all, but still feel a bit behind. We’re looking forward to slow but steady progress for August.