Off the rails

Busy week. I am back at work now, so we are an evenings-and-weekends type of operation for most projects now. But, we did manage to install the railing in the loft this weekend, and did some other detail work to nearly finish it up. The railing seamlessly integrates with the steel downrods we used to help support the large logs in the living room, and we think it looks pretty sharp. Kee Klamp is really the best place for railing fittings, in case you are ever looking!

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Zero car garage

So, we built a garage, but not to park our car in it. Rather, we needed a place to store a lot of tools and materials, since we have no storage in the house and no workshop space. We’ve been steadily going through all our tools and various other stuff to finally get the workshop in order, and finished up today! Our goal was to go through every single drill bit, chisel, saw blade, screw, and staple and only keep the best and brightest, organizing it in a way that would make Norm Abram proud. I think we did it! Here are the glamour shots, before we make a bunch of sawdusty-mess in there.