Live edge

Today we snagged a couple of hours to finish up the garage door. Forgot to get the weatherstripping on the first trip to the local lumberyard, but after two trips (first one to pick up three lovely rough sawn hemlock boards), we did it! We had some great live-edge slabs from a $10-per-load craigslist find last fall, and used them for the outer trim. We just need to hit it all with some stain once the weather is warm enough. Nice to cross this last bit of carpentry off the garage punch list.


Where did winter go?

We had a ton of snow! All at once, then it was gone the next week. This was a totally crazy winter – cold, warm, cold, warm. We’ve mostly been busy with lots of little projects, and then picked up a couple of side projects too. Here’s the update, for those who are keeping track.

  • Finished wiring the garage, and we have lights! We found excellent motion-sensor lights that can take an LED bulb, and K re-wired some lights for inside that he got for free from a friend. We added LED bulbs to these too. Photos next time…
  • Played in the snow, while it was here! Dogs loved it, and K got a new (old, 1982) snowmobile. The garage worked great as a workshop (duh) to get it in good running order. Sadly, snow disappeared as fast as it came, so no major rides yet (boo!)
  • Got a pinball machine. Project for summer – too cold to do dainty little wiring right now.
  • Worked on finishing up our huge punch list in the house. There aren’t pictures – it’s pretty boring stuff! A bit of missed caulk here, a paint touch-up there. But it’s good to get this stuff done before it warms up and we get going on summer projects.
  • Marched! In Augusta, Maine.
  • Got all our stuff out of storage. We gave ourselves a year to do this. Almost met the deadline – I think if I hadn’t been on crutches, we’d have made it. Done now – no more stuff in a wallet-depleting storage unit, thanks to just a bit of space in the loft and some in the garage. So many tools were hiding in that storage unit! Funny story, though – we arrived to get the very last piece of furniture out, and the storage facility had changed owners – they moved our furniture out and we arrived to find it empty! After a panicked phone call, we found our item, loaded it up, and off we went.
  • Finished the loft! Did we ever post after pictures? Will do that next time. It’s a snug little hideaway.