Rock garden

Over the past week, we’ve putting putting part of our landscaping plan into action, beginning with the veggie garden out front. We are pretty sore and beat up after carrying a few tons of stone, mortar, gravel, and soil all over for a few days, but today we finished! The soil was delivered at 8:00 am and we finished and went for a much-needed swim at lunchtime. And then planted some seedlings that friends kindly gave us. Adding about 18″ of rock wall is a big job, and we’ve now got the sore arms and backs to prove it. Plus scrapes and bruises – so many scrapes and bruises! The garden was loosely based on a keyhole garden design, but larger and we skipped the composting part – which is really what makes it a keyhole – but there are too many foxes, groundhogs, etc. around to be composting in the front yard. However, it was great inspiration for the overall style.

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