Shutter to think

When we first bought the cabin, one of these charming old shutters was hidden on the back/side window. As we cleared trash out of the basement and various other stashes, we kept finding more of them – a total of four pairs. With hinges! But totally encrusted with eww, and some structural issues.

We rebuilt a couple of broken ones last year, and cut them to size for the front and back windows; plus restored an extra set, and put one pair out on the curb. (As it turns out, a neighbor snagged them and used them on her shed). Then just as I got ready to prep and paint–my leg incident. 

So it was especially sweet to get them painted and get one set installed this week. We started with the ‘extra’ set and put them on the back of the garage, which, oddly, is the most visible from the street. Love ’em! Totally worth the elbow grease. Since we had all the hardware and used scraps and paint we already had on hand, the cost was negligible.

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