We will have tomatoes!

…and summer squash, and peppers, and cucumbers. Among other wonderful fresh veggies. Last year’s ‘garden’ was a bust – we tried to do a couple of tomatoes in pots, since we had no garden spot yet, and of course the dogs knocked them over so there went that. The year before, we were selling the other house this time of year, and weren’t really paying attention to the garden there. We had tossed some seeds in the ground to demonstrate to potential buyers its gardeniness, but not much came of it. So it has been a couple of years since we’ve had anything respectable in the way of a veggie garden.

We are so excited at how well it’s growing, despite the late start. The plant selection was mostly leftovers from friends and a couple of root-bound seedlings lingering on garden center shelves. Next year we’ll change up some of the plant placement; accidentally put some tall things in front of short things this time.


We made garden tags out of the pile of old railroad spikes that we found in the basement and dug out of the yard in various places, thanks to the previous owners. K ground down the tops and painted them our bright green, then I just wrote plant names with a Sharpie.


We also finally sourced some good cedar slabs, so we made a proper cellar door that is camouflaged with the rest of the logs. Just needs some stain.


And we spotted this absolutely gorgeous bit of lichen on a hike around the area last week. Mother Nature continues to win at gardening.


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