Voluntary blackout

See that nice man in the cherry picker? He was here Friday morning to cut power to the cabin. 

Yes, we asked for a weekend in the dark. One of the last summer jobs is to finish staining, painting, and caulking the porch, and we needed to do the section where the service line attaches to the house. Because we’re 15 feet in the air on ladders doing this, and it involves at least one power tool as well as having to move the loop of wire to get to some logs, we opted to avoid getting shocked and just turn off the juice. Luckily, the garage is on a completely separate meter, so it could stay on! Totally unforeseen benefit. We had a schedule and a deadline, given many drying time cycles, and the weather just barely cooperated–we made it! Now to have them out to hook us back up tomorrow (fingers crossed), because we really need a shower! 

Here’s how we survived, besides filling a bunch of water jugs for drinking, washing, and flushing:

Porch coffee, thanks to garage extension cord.

And crock pot on a rock (tonight is stroganoff with some garden green beans tossed in).

Maybe later we’ll haul the microwave out on the porch for popcorn and movie night, running old DVDs on a laptop. Not so much roughing it…but that SHOWER would be just so great.

Evening quick project!

It was a long day of work and so I was pretty stoked to get home and put up shutters on the porch –
I realized yesterday that a set was ready to go with a super-quick paint addition. So, here they are:

Overseas, overhead, screened over

Last week I was in the Czech Republic, hence no blogging. It was awesome! It was a work trip with some sightseeing as well. Prague is as amazing as everyone says. There’s an eye-candy slideshow at the bottom of this post, but since this is a cabin blog, here’s what happened while I was away and since I got back.

K worked on making screens for all the windows! Having no screens on most of the good cross-breeze windows has meant either having lots of mosquitoes (no thanks) or being pretty hot in here (also no thanks). Next summer we’ll be set! He used a pile of never-used screens we picked up at the ReStore several years ago for about $10, and cut down/rebuilt to fit the openings. He used up all my vintage galvanized hinges, and knobs/hooks are on the way. Now you just swing open the screen, open the window, and close the screen again – we saw this style on some new Marvin windows a while ago, and it’s perfect for our windows.

Then, we got back to porch painting this weekend. It was ladder weekend, since the front section (the only one remaining!) is at a bit of a height. We did all we could this weekend, and need to get the power shut off to finish up next weekend. So we’ll be boondocking it. But, such an improvement – this is the last of the old, cruddy red paint!

And – the Czech trip photos:

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