Field trip! Halloween-appropriate.

We recently found out that someone fulfilled a request I posted online years ago: on a web site called Find a Grave, you can request photos of someone’s grave site. Way back then, I had found this Find a Grave site and it listed the cemetery where Carlotta (who was the original owner of our house) was buried. I went to the cemetery, walked all over, and couldn’t find her stone! So I posted a request for a photo of the grave on that site. About a month ago, someone happened to photograph her stone and post it, so we took the photo (which had a useful view of a fence in it) and went back to find her stone. And we found it! We’ve since found out that she died in 1930, just a few years after the cabin was built.

There were some other quite old stones there, each with its own charm.

It was a good field trip, and we did a loop, stopping also to pick up some wood slabs (of course) and for a really great lunch at a place we’d never tried before in Searsport.

One more garden

So what if it’s fall already? Now is the best time to hit the nursery sales. And one area over our septic tank had fairly thin soil where nothing would take, so we rolled some rocks over and created one more raised bed. We put in some locally-raised junipers (var. Bar Harbor), some nice perennial grasses, and some echinacea. In back is an oak-leaf hydrangea (Ruby Slippers), made possible by the new light regime with the maple gone. The yard is almost starting to look organized. More gardening in spring.

Got the red out

We have been working on the porch like forever. It has been part of all the renovations since day 1 – first de-crapping it, making it sound enough to stand on, fixing the foundation, roofing, rebuilding the steps, putting up railings and posts, and decking. But when we looked up, it was still un-done. It still had a lot of red paint, a color we hope to never see again.

Because we saved the best (and least important structurally) for last: re-painting, re-staining, re-caulking, and re-trimming. Well, after many days on a variety of ladders, we finished! All that’s left to do is scrub off a couple of paint drops and put shutter dogs on the shutters. Oh, and restore two front-facing windows…next summer. And also install one last light fixture. Quick stuff!

Et voila!


Way, way before. 90 years ago.


After. Yeah ok, still need some second coats of stain.