Little hollow log

Little jobs are on the docket this winter. First, developing something to hide our last messy bit of infrastructure: a mess of cords and wiring that had to be in this location next to the pellet stove. Yes, it took me two years to think of an appealing, creative solution for this.


I was inspired by out pile of log slabs–cut-offs from mills, usually free or nearly free, that we burn for the hot tub but have found myriad other uses for. And I decided to build a fake little hollow log by matching up slabs and attaching them together with cleats, thusly:

Looked pretty good. Some log caulk will help hide the seams.

But what to top it with? Pondered a stretched bit of leather (like a drum), a metal cap, or a wood top, and then I happened across someone selling log “cookies” for a couple bucks each – perfect. I grabbed two (I’m sure we’ll find a use for the second one!) and scribed it to fit the odd profile against the log wall. And here it is! First unfinished, then stained so it blends in with the old log walls. One problem solved, a million to go.


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