Nice legs!

Still winter, still weird weather – hot, cold, ice, snow, rain, ugh! Not so easy to do big projects. So, another little one: I’ve wanted to change out the legs on our fairly generic Target storage benches that make up the ‘dining room’ banquette forever, and finally found two sets that are close enough matches and the right length on ebay. (Set two in the mail now – they look like a match, so fingers crossed). Today I grabbed new top plates (brackets) for them, and installed the first set. Thank goodness new plates are still made for the exact same thread pattern. The new-old legs are so much more classy! Witness: before, so blocky and really poorly made/finished.

And after, so chic! And solid. Nothing like vintage – you get good quality with the right feel.


And the side-by-side comparison. No contest.

Stay tuned for more cabin-fever fun!


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