Oof – it’s finally spring

It’s been a tough couple of months, with some sad news about family and dreary weather to boot. Spring has never been more welcome, and it finally seemed to arrive this weekend. Getting outside and into some gardening (which here has a lot to do with rocks) was just what the doctor ordered. Here are a few early spring projects that have gotten us going; we have a lot more planned for this summer and look forward to more time outside the cabin.

First, signs of spring:

Second, jobs of spring: we renovated a couple of fallen/overgrown beds. Near the back of last year’s new veggie garden, there was a tangle of lilacs on a rock. We scraped it clean, added a new set of steps to access the cucumber patch, and planted in more creeping phlox rescued from the road ditch, which is scheduled by the town to be completely redone this year. We also tidied up the rock garden immediately to its left, and moved those lilacs to the far end of the cave seen here, so they can hold back the soil next to the porch. And smell pretty too.

We also rebuilt a small bed to the right of the stairs, where rocks had tumbled off and left a mess anchored only by a sad red osier dogwood and a false honeysuckle rescued from the ditch on the other side of the road last year. We bought a few humble junipers to fill in the back and hold the slope, and will get some perennials to fill the front, hopefully when Mom & Dad come to visit in a few weeks. Greenhouse field trip!

Finally, we checked out the small mess of intermittent water tumbling in from the upper end of the property and coordinated some of the flow that previous owners had running through a wrecked old pipe – now it runs under this great natural stone bridge rather than creating a giant soppy leaf pack all over the back ‘valley’ under the leaves.

More rock & gardens to follow as we continue to work our way around on the weekends until work lets up.