Stone cold (actually, hot…really, really hot)

We finished* the patio! It was a really hard week, as we had to haul up the last, oh, 10,000 pounds of materials during a freaking heat wave. Lots of early mornings, afternoon siesta, then work again in the evening if we could get motivated. Our bright spot: the heat pump, which we bought primarily for heat, is also an air conditioner and it was 72 degrees and 65% humidity in the house while it was 90+ outside (temp and humidity). So breaks were quite refreshing. We went through a lot of popsicles and sweaty clothes, but we have the patio installed, and even finished early enough to sit on it this afternoon. Now the hot tub is heating up so we can go soak our aching backs. Ouch!

So many pavers. 153 to be exact, at 40 lb each.

*Fine print: We still have to finish a few rock edges, install a step – which will be concrete and stone – on the end with the path to the hot tub, and finish that pesky ramp, but we are about 93% done with the back yard. Yeehaw!

I finally remembered to use the panorama setting on my phone and took pictures at each major stage (when not addled by heat exhaustion), so here’s the series:

Dogs approve.  And liked their new patio bed.

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