Phase 2: Forever house

We are back. With Covid came the chance to move back and work remotely. So now we’re all in – if there was any doubt before, it’s gone now: this is where we want to be. So, here we go with making improvements we planned “if we decide to stay here permanently”.

First project: deal with just slightly not enough kitchen storage. If not for supply chain drama, this would have been done a couple months ago, but hey. We finally got the last piece of a new cabinet for by the back door, and used the blizzard weekend to put it together and reorganize.

Before. Cute, but wasted space below is just what we need to capture
More before
This poor cabinet is stuffed to the gills. We will move a few items out and reorganize the rest. Someday this guy will get repainted too.
And after. 3” deeper but the real win is that third drawer – the crock pot, immersion blender, and a few other things fit great!
We’re not *quite* done, we will finally get a new countertop for this and the washing machine area, both of which have temporary laminate tops at the moment.