“Best of” Photos

Dining room


Living room

Storage above kitchen beam

Exterior, in winter


Hot tub in winter

Bedroom (with dog!)

Porch and stairs

Way, way before. 90 years ago.

Garden by driveway

Porch colors

Nice new view.

New paint on the eaves.

After. Yeah ok, still need some second coats of stain.

Vintage, original shutters restored

Backyard dining area

The tub backs up to Murray, a favorite (gigantic) rock.

Cellar, with new log cladding awaiting stain

Veggie garden walls are dry-fitted

New side stairs!

Both railings stained (one coat anyways)

Loft floor: where the second “before” photo was aimed

New stairs and railing

Hey looky, you get a sneak preview of the new stairs in the background!

Small-log supports

Kitchen coffee/tea station: Needs trim around the door, but…

From kitchen into bath – re-used, solid, quality wood trim (needs paint)

Kitchen island rebuilt from table found in house from the dining room side – pretty tidy

The lovely little stove.

Study window – done!

Bathroom: One window done, one undone.

In the study: The letter tray (also vintage) was scored from a trash pile at work. Working at a large institution is good for getting old steel goods.

Dining room

Walk-in closet with open shelving

In the kitchen: IKEA pilgrimage successful.

In the bathroom, pre-trim: Hmm, what’s missing on this wall?

Although most of our kitchen units are vintage, repainted finds.

Stainless steel island in the foreground.

Bathroom, obviously


During mega log replacement phase

This is probably the worst part. The good news: no stain removal, whole log removal instead!

From up in back

Before: not great roof, and chimney needs gone

Before, during roof replacement: Two of the last four fascia boards – right out front!

Tarpville. Plus a lot of hanging ‘laundry’ from mopping up a small flood (no problem, just an unexpected rain at the wrong moment).

One support to hold the cabin up by the rafters…we added more

Before: living room. As purchased.

Before, from front door, after we cut some walls out.