One wall up.

How exciting – we took boards off the walls and then put the same boards back on a long while later. However, we think they look much better now…a new color & new direction.

Making slow progress, but still forward.

Board silly

Well, not quite. It’s been cold (then warm and rainy, then cold, etc.) and we’re back to work so things are busy. So, we’ve been chipping away at our indoor project in the basement here at our primary residence – preparing the salvaged boards for the main walls in the cabin.

When we bought the place, it was full of beadboard, tacked up everywhere and a dingy, dark brown. We pulled down all the pieces, discarded some that were too gross, and stored the rest in our handy storage tent all year. A couple of weeks ago, we began getting them ready to re-install. Fortunately, there’s a more modern side – a simple v-notch – that we will use rather than the beadboard side. We will also install it horizontally rather than vertically, to read a bit more modern as well. We planed them, sanitized (washed) them, re-planed to remove some final issues, then primed and put on a coat of paint. Next we’ll install – once we finish getting door jambs in.