No – NOW you can flush.

Funny that we were looking back to see what we were doing last July, and found this post:

Just a shade under a year later, and we can truly flush. We installed the toilet today. Totally faaaancy now, for sure. It works great and we are on to the sink and shower – next week. But this was a big one, and we are beyond thrilled.

IMG_7284IMG_7291 IMG_7290

More about the cool wall treatment later.

Zap and trickle

K finished the supply and waste plumbing, as well as wired up the last couple of lights (and outlets!) in the cellar. Heck of a week, that ended with light! and running water! Indoors, even. It was pretty awesome. Just a few photos – we’ll get more as fixtures start going in. Especially the toilet – we cannot wait!

The cleanest it will ever be

Sheesh – what a week! The house went under contract, then the deal fell through; the floors are finally finished, and we went full-bore on all the projects that have been waiting. We are tired tonight! I’m going in to the office tomorrow to recuperate. K finished pretty much all of the waste pipe – at least, all the hard parts. The working conditions suck, to say the least. You can’t stand up in most of the cellar, and there are too many things to whack your head on. But, it’s done. And the pipes look great! Soon they will be in use and we’ll hope to never look in them again.

And I did numerous other things including helping with plumbing occasionally. Once the main floors were done, we could unload everything (and I mean, everything) that was in the bathroom. We had to store absolutely all our tools, stuff, materials, etc. in a stack in there for the past two months. So, out it all came, since now we need to use the bathroom as a bathroom, not storage. So, on to the bathroom floors. It went great – except I ran out of glue! More is on the way to finish the last three (three!!) tiles. But, we got in the ones that were important for placing the plumbing.

I also finished interior and exterior caulking around windows (a few need trim, but everything that could be done, is). and all interior caulking on the first level. On to the top and then seal the floors! Inspired by a gift that a colleague had made for me, I cleaned up a couple of garden beds and we started dividing some of our perennials from the other house, bringing them here to get started. We built an herb garden (beginnings of one), from many of the plants we originally got to create a garden to honor my grandmother, whose birthday was on the Fourth. So, that garden gets to come with us. I also re-built the stone and freshened up the garden I started last year, with small perennials that will hopefully get growing soon! We slept in the cabin several nights this week and it’s absolutely lovely. Fireflies ended up inside the house at night, which was very cool. And, saw plenty of fireworks on the Fourth, over the lake.